Opens 120 kW EV charger to the public

Nov. 10th, Arctic Roads opened the first Nordic non-properitary super fast charger with a capacity of 120 kW on a single outlet. The opening took place at the company´s charging station at Marche Vestby, and the charger is now ready to charge all the new EV´s that will soon arrive at the marketplace, on effect levels that so far has been reserved for the Tesla Model S user base. At the same time, certain EV´s will soon be able to charge significantly faster that they can on today´s ordinary chargers.

The charger is delivered by Delta Electronics and can deliver 120 kW effect on a single DC outlet. If 2 cars connect at the same time the power will be shared between the vehicles. The charger is modular based which allows for an upgrade to 150kW within a relative short time. Even which charging at these leves, the unit is very quiet.


From the opening: KIA 69 kW demo

Twice as fast charging of the KIA Soul EV

Accompanied to the sound of Daft Punk´s “Harder Better Faster Stronger” A Nordic speed record of charging the KIA Soul EV was set at the opening. As the Soul´s battery is the largest in its segment it also gives the opportunity to charge the battery faster. The KIA Soul EV can receive 68-70 kW effect over a significant part of the charging cycle which makes it possible to charge the car from 0 to 67% in just 13 minutes, a significant contrast compared to regular quick chargers installed in the field today, where the same amount of charging time will typically give you a 34% charge.

“The KIA Soul EV is a very good example of that it is actuall charging equipment, and not the car itself that has become the bottleneck for an ever growing numbers of EV´s in Norway today. As soon as the CHAdeMO Association with its members will pass a higher effect level as their official standard, Arctic Roads and Delta Electronics will be ready to deliver the effect level we have demonstrated possible today” Says Leif Richard Bones Egge, Commercial Director in Arctic Roads, and adds: “If a Tesla Model S would show up here tomorrow with a CCS adapter, it would actually be possible to give that car 120 kW effect. Everything is ready for public use on the CCS side. When the Chevrolet Bolt is put into production next year, everything is ready. When BMW, Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, and all the others that are right around the corner is released in the market, everything is ready. All of these cars will demand an effect level that is far greater than what the regular quick chargers installed in the field today can deliver, and that is why we view 120 kW as the minimum and the only right choice we can make when we are building new stations in the coming months”


Enters the ENOVA competition wtih 120 kW+

In September this year, Enova, The Norwegian State tool for Energy efficiency and CO2 reduction the in the transport sector, launched in a competition for financial support to build charging infrastructure in 6 transport corridors in the southern part of the country. The competition criteria calls for a minimum of 50kW quick chargers. A charging station based on these minimum requirements will look quite out-dated within the deadline of completed construction hits in October 2016. For that reason, Arctic Roads, as decided to enter the competition with the Delta chargers, that can deliver a minimum of 120 kW.

“When the trends in both the car and quick charging manufacturing industry is so clear as they are, ww cant against our better knowledge invest in technology that soon will be irrelevant for what we are seeking to achieve; A complete shift from a fossile- to a clean renewable transport sector” Egge  concludes.

Illustration of how Arctic Roads will build on high traffic locations:


8 ganger 120kW.001

Åpner 120 kW lader: Jorma Autio - DES Vice President, Head of Solutions Business - Delta EMEA og Leif Richard Bones Egge - Markedsdirektør, Arctic Roads AS

Opens 120kW Seuper fast charger: Jorma Autio – DES Vice President, Head of Solutions Business – Delta EMEA og Leif Richard Bones Egge – Commercial Director , Arctic Roads AS


FV: Ole Anders Liberg - Teknisk Rådgiver, Kia Bil Norge, Leif Richard Bones Egge - Markedsdirektør, Arctic Roads AS og Kjetil Myhre - PR og Kommunikasjonsdirektør, BMW Norge AS

From Left: Ole Anders Liberg – Technical Advisor, Kia Bil Norge, Leif Richard Bones Egge – Commercial Director, Arctic Roads AS and Kjetil Myhre – PR og Communications Director, BMW Norge AS